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Training Services

Training Services Christine Offers

A pet is a HUGE investment.  Whether you're purchasing a pure bred breed or assuming the responsibility of a dog from the local animal rescue, you are making an investment.  Vet care, grooming, training, boarding/pet sitting and the animal's safety are all considerations.

Below are some of the services Christine offers to help make your investment an enjoyable one, for many years to come.  And make your pet part of the family.

Puppy Selection

When you begin your search for a new family member you should consider:


  • Size

  • Temperament

  • Attitude

  • Trainability

  • Environment

  • Commitment to your new pet


We have helped many of our clients select pets that will remain members of the family for 12 to 15 years.  Let us help you make the right decision for a lifetime.

Investment varies with consultation.

Obedience Training – Behavior Modification

Service Dog

Christine has trained many dogs that are born with a talent to help those in need of companionship and daily assistance.  If you think you have a dog that has potential to help his/her handler we would be glad to evaluate that situation.  Generally we would find a dog, train it, and then train the handler to work with that dog.  Please call for information.

Private Training

All training can be provided during private lessons at your home.  Appointments necessary. 

$85.00 or 5 lesson package for $400.00

Additional Fun Training

We also provide training for Agility, Rally, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog.  Please contact us for additional information.