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At what age should I start training my dog?

When I buy a new puppy I like to have it at about 9 weeks.  That gives us 4 weeks to potty and crate train and generally have some bond before you start formal training at 12 – 14 weeks. Got a rescue?  He’s already 3-4 years old?   Taking responsibility for your child’s dog when he leaves for college?  Company coming to stay.  Now is the time to start.   In other words, Now is the best age.  Please “feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.”

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Yes, Most certainly.   Whoever made up that saying was making an excuse for their own laziness. 

My dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, is there help for her?

I will usually almost always say yes.  It pretty much depends on what the problem is which makes your dog act this way, and unfortunately it is most often the owners problem, not the dogs.  Please “feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.”

My puppy is on the verge of chewing my fingers off, is there a way to stop this?

This puppy behavior, if not addressed, often is the reason owners give up their puppies.  Usually the reason for “Mouthing and Biting or Play Biting” is that puppy was removed from the litter very early.   Imagine a mother dog with 9 puppies with those sharp teeth at 6 weeks old who all want the free meal they have been getting  from her with “gums” which have turned into teeth.  This is called weaning.  Weaning includes the mother saying in no uncertain terms, I cannot have you chewing on my nipples anymore because it really hurts.  The food is over there and puts the point across with a pretty severe correction to the puppy which usually includes her teeth on their neck.  Because she does not get to do that ( because we take the puppies from her so soon) the task is left to us humans who could not possibly correct that adorable ball of fur.  The biting gets worse,  more often, we react, push the puppy away, but without correction it only gets worse.  

My dog nips at my hands, is there a way to stop this?

Yes, You may not like it but first take the dog by the collar and very firmly and consistently (because he will try it again) cuff him under the chin and very sternly say, Ouch, that hurts me.  Do not do that again.  ( Do not let go of the collar until you have made friends again, Petting, Reassuring, letting him know it is for his own good)  If he does it again, obviously you did not get your point across.  The consequence must outweigh the act.    If you feel you cannot do this correction, consider for one minute the consequence to you when your adorable ball of fur does this to the neighbor child.  You have a bite on your hands.  The mother of the two year old will not understand that it is just play biting.  

I just want to take my dog out for a walk and not a drag, can you help me?

“This is the Most Frequently Asked Question”  Any dog under any circumstance, in our society is and should be expected to be under your control at all times.  This starts with the most common of instances.  Walking quietly at your side.  Sit when you stop.  Remain under control, even when a stranger approaches, especially if they have a dog.  If a dog is going to act bolistic, out of control and not a dog you would want to associate with, make sure it is the other guys dog.  In one lesson, the “dragging can be stopped”.  But why would you stop there when you could have Stop and sit when I stop, sit and stay where and for how long I require you to do so.  Lay down and behave while I enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend at the local coffee shop, Yes, in public.  Come when you are called.  It is a command, not a request.  Please “feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.”

What’s the fastest way to train a dog?

Good Question!  How long did it take you to figure out you needed help?  You must be able to communicate to the dog what you want.  You must be able to anticipate when your dog needs correction.  You must realize that I am not training the dog.  I am training you.  Any shortcuts usually backfire.  I believe the dog must understand what is expected of him and it must be expected of him by you.  No one else can make that happen.  I can take the dog and train it.  Done?  No you will need to remind him , every day that you want him to do it like CHRISTINE trained him.  That’s what you paid for, that’s what you should expect.

The fastest way to train a dog is to get started.