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About Christine

About Christine

Christine brings 45 years of dog training and care to your home. She began obedience training in 1967 with her first German Shepherd. Since then she has helped thousands of people with pet behavior problems with everything from reducing barking to simply getting their pet to walk with them in a comfortable heel position.

Christine is active in dog clubs in both Phoenix and Chicago as well as at the National level. She has been a board member with dog clubs as well as a provisional judge for tracking and has judged obedience matches.

Christine has also owned a boarding kennel, been a breeder and continues to work closely with other breeders and rescue organizations.

An Obedience Judge, who in 1967 sold Christine her first German Shepherd Dog nurtured her beginnings in dogs. Basic Obedience Training started immediately and it is all history since then. Three UDT’S later she saw another Obedience Judge showing her Miniature Pinscher. After moving into a smaller home in Phoenix, Arizona, the Miniature Pinscher was her first choice. Her late husband and she purchased their first Miniature Pinscher from a local breeder and finished his Championship with 5 Majors.

She has trained obedience dogs full time for Animal Attitudes Dog Training in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

Recently with the purchase of a new home she is a stay at home trainer. She is a member of the Miniature Pinscher Club of America, The Miniature Pinscher Club of Greater Phoenix, The Miniature Pinscher Club of Greater Tucson, The Lost Dutchman Kennel Club, Stewards Club of Arizona, is a life member of Phoenix Field and Obedience Club and Lincolnwood Training Club for German Shepherd Dogs.

She has held the office of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member in some of these clubs. She has served on the committees of Trophy, Raffle, Auction, Hospitality, Parking Steward, in addition to having served as Rescue, Show Secretary, Show Chairman, Test (Tracking) Secretary and Chairman. Recently she has received provisional status for Tracking Judge.

She often gives free mini seminars to interested organizations.

Obedient Buddies

Obedient Buddies is the culmination of years of experience few trainers can hope to achieve.

Her personalized care of your pet will leave you worry free.